Handwoven RAG RUGS

Our ARTWORKSOFMAINE Gallery/store and Grange buildings are closed to the public for 2020. Click on the menu to review artworks that may still be available in other categories.  Contact us if you have purchase inquiries. Thank you for visiting our website! 


THIS COTTON RAG RUG is 21.5" x 60" (size does not include fringe). Cost of rugs vary between $15-$45 per square foot, depending on materials and complexity of design. All fabrics are pre-washed to avoid shrinkage when first washed.

In 2012 we bought the former Lubec library (now gallery/store) and the historic Lubec Grange to save them, preserve them, improve them with new roofs and exterior paint and restoration/remodeling of interiors. The grange ball room is now magnificent! The modern upstairs studio apartment in the gallery will inspire many business possibilities. We've run a successful gallery and have had an exciting run for all the events in the grange for the enjoyment of many. We are ready for retirement on our farm in Lubec.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss purchase.           

scarves Shibori silk scarves may be purchased; please contact the Gallery via email to make inquiries about purchase of any item.
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