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SHIBORI Silk & NUNO Scarves by

Karen Anne Baldauski

NUNO is a Japanese word which means "fabric". It is a term used in common parlance to describe a kind of fiber work wherein skilled artists can turn raw materials, usually silk and wool, into stunning fabrics which can be used for accessories or made into high fashion clothing.

      The NUNO scarf above is drying in the wind! Karen calls it "Sea Roses". NUNO is a summer & winter fashion, which, when well made is not only beautiful, but durable too. This scarf was created using white silk combined with luxuriously soft, hand-dyed merino wool.  $380. USD. Sold.

       Karen makes her larger wraps outside on a large work surface during the summertime. All of the pieces are hand-processed using techniques developed over time and lots of soapy water followed by intensive rock-and-roll agitation to bind the wool to the silk. Every piece is one-of-a-kind. We usually have only a limited supply of Karen's exotic wraps as she concentrates more these days on painting and creating wet felted fine art wool wall hangings to be shown in juried shows. Karen has been working with color all her life and began dyeing fabric for batiks sold in New York City decades ago. Decades ago, her works began being sold at America House in New York City, Peter's Valley Crafts in Layton, NJ, and a museum gift shop in Rochester, NY. Her skills have been refined through years of experimentation and it shows in her works that people consider "breath taking!"

       Karen says, "I like to switch back and forth between painting, felting, and farming, and fishing. The mind and body needs rest and change from doing the same activities and I find my energy gets restored from doing a variety of work." 


These unique "light-as-air" scarves are all created in Karen's Lubec studio by the sea. We are the only Gallery to offer these exquisite fiber works. Prices range $35-$380. USD. To purchase, please visit the Gallery to make your selection from gorgeous one-of-a-kind beauties in our collection.



SHIBORI scarves (below) are drying in the wind. Gloriously beautiful. So many colors to choose from. So many UNIQUE designs...First come, first served. SHIBORI is a Japanese word that implies the various techniques an artist employs in hand-dyeing silk.


Above, this Shibori scarf just came into the Gallery with a batch of others of various sizes. It is a shimmering 35" x 84" swath of pure silk designed using one of the classic Shibori techniques to dye a scarf like no other in the world!



The delicate lavender shawl at left is a SHIBORI hand-dyed silk. Please visit the Gallery to purchase scarves/shawls/wraps in different sizes and designs when we open for the season, June - September 2019. This shawl is light as air, dreamy, and gorgeous! Imagine the different ways to wear it. Easy care too!  It measures 35" x 84".


Examples of Shibori scarves are shown below. Price range $35-$380.

This Shibori scarf measures 35x84. It is pure silk, hand dyed, with a hand-rolled hem. Notice the beautiful, unique patterning and nuances of color to create an exciting and dramatic effect.

NUNO Scarves

The scarves illustrated below are examples of NUNO scarves. NUNO combines sheer and lofty silks with the softest luxurious wools. These scarves are carefree as they resist wrinkling and can be simply handwashed and hung to dry over a shower rod...steam pressing is optional.


Please visit the Gallery during the open season June 7-September 2019. Fridays and Saturdays, 2-5pm. Most of the scarves shown above have been sold. We have new stock for 2019. First come, first served.

PAINTINGS, SHIBORI, NUNO,  FELTED WOOL WALL HANGINGS, WOOD CARVINGS, STONEWARE, & CARDS will be in the Gallery next to the historic Lubec Grange this season.                 

Shibori silk scarf/wrap/shawl, colorfast, hand-dyed by Karen Anne Baldauski, 35" x 84", hand-rolled hem, $375. USD. Please click on the menu "SCARVES" to find more Shibori and Nuno images.
ANOTHER SHOW! This stunning contemporary felted wool wall hanging by Karen Anne Baldauski: $7,800 USD, was selected by juror Paul Kratter for the Marin Society of Artists National Open Fine Arts Juried Exhibition, June 13 - July 6, 2019 in San Rafael, CA
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