Karen's acrylic watercolor, below, "Herring Gull Swooping Over Rugged Coast" won the Silver Medal out of 503 entries in the 2019 distinguished New England Watercolor Society's (NEWS) Exhibition, Portsmouth, NH.

The prize was $750.

In the 2020 National Open Exhibition, her acrylic painting "Periwrinklers Racing The Tide" was purchased

for $2400 just as it was about to be shipped home following the close of the December show at the NEWS Gallery in the Plymouth Center For The Arts, Plymouth, MA.  


New works by Karen will be exhibited on this website as they become availalble. 

Enjoy the beauty and the passions of an artist who has lived such a full life that her expressions take many forms in a variety of media and subject matter. Out of sheer love and curiosity and determination to explore materials, she breaks boundaries and achieves heights, working toward self-knowledge and self-expressions worthy of the term "fine art". Her special interest in sumi-e is a fundamental influence on the style of most of her paintings which have been described as "bold and expressive".  

Enjoy her works.  



SILVER MEDAL ($750 award), 2019, New England Watercolor Society, 22x30, by Karen Anne Baldauski. There were 503 entrants to this prestigious exhibition. The judge was Antonio Masi, president, American Watercolor Society.
Above: "SOLO", 24x36, acrylic on stretched canvas, 2019
"MINKE WHALE", 24"x36" acrylic on stretched canvas
Above: FORAGING PERIWINKLES, 24x36, acrylic on stretched canvas

Above: EDGE OF THE SEA, 2019, 24hx36w, acrylic on stretched canvas


HERRING GULL, 2019, 16hx20w, acrylic on stretched canvas

 At right: TIDAL POOL, 2019, 24hx36w, acrylic on stretched canvas,

"Gull Swooping Along Shore", 36x24, 

"Fisherman & Dory, It'sTime To Go!", 36x24


"Tide Spilling In", 36x24,

The artist Karen Anne Baldauski by the sea on a fine December day.


"TIde Filling In", 24x36

"Herring Gull & Fisherman On Wharf", 24x36


"Whale, Grand Manan Distant", 24x36

Dive! Dive! Dive!
LIFT-OFF, 22x30, acrylic on paper

"Deer in the Birches", 24x36

"Tide Pool", 22x30

"Kitty and Bouquet", 16x20


"Loon Periscoping"

"A Light Touchdown",  22x30


"Summer Cliffs, Boy & His Dog Running", 24x36

"Diving Whale", 20x16


"Whale & Crystalline Sea", 16x20


"Three Seals, Ledges & Seaweed",


Above: FOX RUNNING THROUGH SNOW AND BIRCHES, 22x28 acrylic on paper, framed under glass 28x40
"Breaching Whale, Grey Seas", 16x20, acrylic on stretched canvas
"Fishermen, Racing the Tide", 36x24, acrylic
"Great Blue Heron", 12x9, acrylic on canvasboard, framed




"Fishing, Apricot Dawn", 12x9, acrylic on canvasboard




"Spring Lambs", 24x36, acrylic on stretched canvas



30x40 acrylic

"Two Whales Surface Feeding", 10x28, mat/frame 28x40


"Seal By Ledges", 48x48, oil on board, 1980s
"Salmon Pool", 2009, by Karen Anne Baldauski, NFS.  This painting won the Founder's Award given in honor of the founder of the Sumi-e Society of America, Motoi Oi, at the international sumi-e exhibition "Sumi-e For Today"  hosted by the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto, Canada in 2009. Mr. Oi provided Karen with her first sumi-e instruction during an adult ed class in 1972.  The painting juror for this show was Mr. William Ho, an internationally renowned artist. "Sumi-e" is the Japanese term which translates to mean "painting in black ink". It is one of the most challenging media to be undertaken by a painter. 
while still in college, Karen won first prize for her oil painting "Hope" at the Indiana Intercollegiate Salon of Art, a national competition.  Her professor of painting suggested she enter a piece. The unexpected prize marked the beginning of her life developing a career in the arts. Her creative works span the worlds of painting, drawing, serigraphy, and felting fibers. Her sculpture, a stand alone piece of 21 painted wood loons, is not for sale. The head of the art department advised her following a course in freehand drawing live models: "Drop everything you may have planned and BE AN ARTIST!" (Karen says: A. Reid Winsey has passed on. I am forever grateful for his encouragement while I was a liberal arts student at DePauw University.)

"Deerfield", serigraph, 46/50, matted & framed


"Violets", serigraph, 7/19, matted & framed



"Clivia", roughly 30x22


Karen shares life with her significant other and many cats including Fireside who loves the water, especially the lake where Karen lived since 1983 before moving to Lubec in 2007. "My cats mean everything to me."

"Taking A Nap" is one of hundreds of figurative paintings and drawings Karen has created. Several are available as greeting cards. Please visit the gallery to see over 100 designs. 





Here's Bob! My most significant other!

So many things we've shared that money can't buy...not that we had that much money to begin with!  Still, the adventures we've taken are the stuff of books and millions of paintings. For most of my life I kept my long nose to the grindstone and earned my living most through a professional career that started when Hallmark recruited me straight out of college to work in their package design and engineering department in Kansas City, MO.  I moved on from Hallmark to stretch my wings after a year to gain broader experience in the world of graphic design starting in New York City. I took a hiatus from work to live in Dorset, England for almost 3 years before taking a schooner trip off the coast of Maine, something that changed my life. I moved from England to Wiscasset and then Augusta and Manchester, ME where I set up my own design firm which carried me til I moved Down East to a farm in 2007...where I have been happily "stuck" and happy to have found my home for sure.  I love the sea, the lakes, the woods, the wildness of Maine. Exploring it all with a better guide (Bob!) than I am, we've had a lot of WONDERFUL fun and excitement just living the good life...not much money...but, the REAL and the GOOD LIFE.  All of it goes into my work.  I could write a book about our travels and experiences. I've taken thousands of photos along the way.  They alone could go a long way to show how my life has gone since moving to Maine.  I grew up rural before having the middle years of high school interrupt a good start!  College paved the way for me to survive as self-reliantly as I could...job to job to job til I saved up enough for a home in Maine by the lake and after that a farm by the sea.  How much better could I wish for.  Here, still, in Maine is where my best is yet to come, even as I grow old, I expect my best works in the way of paintings are still coming out and ready to make fireworks.  If hoping makes it so, it will all happen!  Bob gives me good advice: "Just do it." He's a perfect guide!  I hope you can see some of my works at the gallery called ARTWORKSOFMAINE or through a few outlets in the wider world where I dare to stretch on occasion. Contact the Gallery via email to see when it will open again. Or just keep an eye out for new work that will show up on this website.  Thanks!  Thanks for taking the time.  Art is good for the heart...both mine and yours!  All best wishes from me to my collectors and would-be collectors...and, MANY THANKS! Your support does wonders for the spirit. MANY MANY THANKS!




scarves Amazing Shibori silk scarves created by a painter with exceptional hand-dyeing techniques may be purchased on-line. Please contact the Gallery via email for purchase information.
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