10 North Lubec Road

Lubec, Maine 04652


Telephone:(207) 733-2468


The ARTWORKSOFMAINE Gallery and Lubec Grange may re-open in 2020 when the Coronavirus situation clears up! The Flea Market, events, and classes in the Grange are on hold for the time being. Inquiries for artworks in the Gallery may be made via email. Inquiries for purchase of both the gallery building (with modernized studio apartment upstairs) and the former grange should be made via email. 

Be well! Good luck!

The Gallery is stocked for 2020: PAINTINGS, SHIBORI & NUNO SCARVES, FELTED WOOL WALLWORKS,  WOVEN RAG RUGS, & GREETING CARDS      Please contact us via email with inquiries.           

scarves Shibori silk scarves may be purchased; please contact the Gallery via email.
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