Handwoven RAG RUGS by local weavers in

Washington County, Maine are available now!

  • One-of-a-kind unique rag rugs are carefully woven on a wonderful, large Cranbrook floor loom located in the clean environment of our Gallery. Out of an abundance of caution, the Gallery has been closed to the public since
  • the beginning of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic.  
  • Our rugs are made of a variety of materials, colors, and sizes including wonderful new cottons or repurposed, sheets, tablecloths, clothing, curtains, and polyesters. Our wool rugs are the most costly, using wool fabrics or skeins of wool from Maine sources. Other than wools, fabrics are pre-washed and pre-shrunk. Often, we will wet felt a wool rug before purchase to tighten up the weave and provide the most beautiful "look".   
  • Warps are strong 100% cotton or poly/cotton or 100% poly (strongest of all). We carefully craft our rugs to last many years
  • Our cotton rugs are small enough for a normal washer (gentle cycle) using no bleach, then hung to dry, never put in a dryer. Wool rugs should be swept, vacuumed, or dry cleaned; often they serve as decorative wall hangings. 
  • Prices range from $15-$45 a square foot, depending on materials and complexity of design. 
  • Our ITTYBITTY soft cotton flannel rugs (for kids and kitties and puppies too!) are just $50, roughly 16-20" x 30-33"
  • For health concerns, we have a NO RETURNS policy for all fiber products, including rugs, felted wool wall hangings, and both nuno and shibori scarves. 
  • Shipping & handling cost will be calculated for each mailing via USPS Priority...roughly $16 up to $99; $19 up to $199; $23 up to $299; $26 from $300 and up. 
  • For further information on any of the products shown on our site, please contact us and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Handwoven rugs...beautiful & useful!


THIS COTTON RAG RUG is 21.5" x 60" (size does not include fringe). Cost of rugs vary between $15-$45 per square foot, depending on materials and complexity of design. All fabrics are pre-washed.

Photos of new rugs will be displayed by January 30. 

scarves Amazing Shibori silk scarves created by a painter with exceptional hand-dyeing techniques may be purchased on-line. Please contact the Gallery via email for purchase information.
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