The Amazing Felted Wool Wall Hangings

created by Karen Anne Baldauski



FOX IN BIRCHES, 37" x 72", $7800. FOX IN BIRCHES is one of Karen's felted wool wallworks juried into "Expressions", the 2019 Marin Society of Artists National Open Fine Arts Juried Exhibition in San Rafael, California. The juror was Paul Kratter.
THREE SEALS, 44" x 50", was also juried into the MARIN SOCIETY OF ARTISTS 2019 National Open Fine Arts Exhibition.
FORAGING PERIWINKLES, felted wool wall hanging, 38" x 25". Exquisite in its delicacy of effects and palette. The atmosphere by the sea is evoked using highest caliber techniques Karen has developed through experimentation with wool and silk fibers.

 Please view Karen's work on this website for the time being. 

In an abundance of caution to help keep people safe during the Covid Pandemic, the ARTWORKSOFMAINE Gallery/store and Grange buildings were closed to the public for 2020 and most likely will not open in 2021 or until the coast is clear.

Scroll down to see the masterful felted wool works by lifetime artist Karen Anne Baldauski. She combines a truly wonderful sense of color with design skills to create some of the most beautiful wet-felted wall hangings ever seen, many of which rely on subjects well studied by Karen since moving to Maine in 1978 to live year round. For purchase inquiries, please click on "Contact Us". One of her customers commented: "Her work should be hung in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYCity." (Karen is no stranger to the Met for she worked there briefly when she first moved to NYCity following the start of her professional graphic design career in advance of her move to England and then on to Maine).

New works will be exhibited on this website when they become available.  Karen's  masterful dyeing techniques applied directly to felted wool are fantastic and quite possibly the only contemporary work of its kind being created. Don't miss out in acquiring her works. The large pieces take so much wool and so much time and so much skill and so much strength that they will not be made by her hands forever!  All of her wool work is washed clean in the process and hung to dry on lines extending into her farm orchard. With proper care, they are artworks that could last for generations. 



Returns, exchanges, and cancellations are not accepted. Karen's felted wool hangings are pristine clean when finished for display and cannot be risked in other environments where smoke, or greasy environments, or pets may put the works at risk. It is always best to visit the Gallerystore to make a purchase.

Thank you for your understanding.  


"Two Loons", a work in progress (at the time of this photo) is stretched to dry in the wind.

In the winter, Karen creates smaller felted wool wall hangngs such as this one that was stretched and framed in red painted wood and sold through Archipelago (the Island Institute store & gallery), Rockland, Maine.

"Birches & Cardinals" is a wonderful piece of highly skilled felting technique. Roughly 70" wide, it can hang loosely against a wall and has the advantage of simply being rolled up for easy transport.

Beachcomber with his boat, scampering dog, hailing the fleet of sailboats on a summer day.

Detail, WATERFALL AND POOL, completed 2020 and available for sale when the gallery opens following the "all clear!" notification that the Pandemic has passed. This wall hanging is suspended from a rod and hangs 9 feet. A stunning piece.






ENTANGLED, ENDANGERED LOON: 96" X 44" X 1/4".  The loon in this very large felted wool wall hanging depicts the dire circumstance of entanglement in cast off monofilament fishing line. In the sea, whales too can become entangled in floating rope attached to buoys and mooring balls. When their movement is curtailed they are at great risk. Our fishermen and federal regulators are also entangled in constant battle with one another in efforts to reach reasonable guidelines for not only preservation of endangered species but also, preservation of the livelihoods of so many people who depend upon harvest from the sea.   

       ENTANGLED WHALE wall hanging is also 96" x 44" x 1/4" which can be seen in our gallery.










LAVA FLOW, large







WHALE, detail, very large, first shown at Univ. of Maine gallery 2010, one of Karen's first felted wool wall hangings, (with white silk backing, hand stitched). 



This wet-felted all wool & silk wall hanging may hang loosely or be stretched and squared-up over a frame, depending on a customer's preference.
The swimmer may be exhibited horizontally or vertically, depending on a customer's preference and space availability. The piece may be suspended from a rod or mounted/stretched over a wood frame according to a customer's specific needs.
In her FIRST COMPETITION while still in college, Karen won first prize for her oil painting "Hope" at the Indiana Intercollegiate Salon of Art, a national competition.  Her professor of painting suggested she enter a piece. The unexpected prize marked the beginning of her life developing a career in the arts. Her creative works span the worlds of painting, drawing, serigraphy, and felting fibers. Her sculpture, a stand alone piece of 21 painted wood loons, is not for sale. The head of the art department then, A. Reid Winsey,  advised her following his course in freehand drawing live models: "Drop everything you may have planned and BE AN ARTIST!" Hallmark Cards recruited Karen for her first job straight out of college to work in their package design and engineering department which gave her the experience to move on to developing a career in graphic design, moving to New York City, England, and finally to set up her own design business called ARTWORKS enabling her to live year round in Maine since 1978. 
scarves Amazing Shibori silk scarves created by a painter with exceptional hand-dyeing techniques may be purchased on-line. Please contact the Gallery via email for purchase information.
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