Felted Wool Wall Hangings by

Karen Anne Baldauski


FOX, 37" x 72", $7800. One of 2 wall hangings juried into the "Expressions" show.
THREE SEALS, 44" x 50", was also juried into the MARIN SOCIETY OF ARTISTS National Open Fine Arts Exhibition.
FORAGING PERIWINKLES, felted wool wall hanging, 38" x 25". Exquisite in its delicacy of effects and palette. The atmosphere by the sea is evoked using highest caliber techniques Karen has developed over 13 years of experimentation using wool and silk fib

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Karen Anne Baldauski transcends any categorization in that she has spanned the worlds of fine art and fine craft and commercial art throughout a lifetime

of devotion to

creative work.













More wall hangings will be our Gallery for the 2019 season. We may be able to post more of them on-line.


Many of Karen's felted wool wall hangings of magnificence can be seen in our gallery, June 7-September 2019.  Karen lives in Lubec where so much inspiration surrounds her on her farm by the sea. As a Registered Maine Guide, Karen is familiar with many beautiful wild terrians in Maine and has built up an inventory of thousands of photos to use in her research of subjects she wants to depict in paintings as well as the large size wall hangings. Karen has lived year round in Maine since 1978. Much of her new work can be seen first in our gallery. We concentrate on showing her paintings along with the masterpiece felted wool/silk fiber works. Come visit...and see! The University of Maine Atrium Gallery was the first to show two large hangings, TWO SEALS and WHALE FLUKE in 2010.

Here is Karen with "Two Loons", a work in progress as it is stretched to dry in the wind. Karen transcends any categorization in that she has spanned the worlds of fine art and fine craft and commercial art throughout a lifetime devoted to creative work.

In the winter, Karen creates smaller felted wool wall hangngs such as this one that was stretched and framed in red painted wood and sold through Archipelago (the Island Institute store & gallery), Rockland, Maine.

White birch imagery, this is a wonderful piece of highly skilled felting technique. Notice 2 cardinals and a forest floor. It hangs loosely (not stretched and framed) and can be rolled up for easy transport and simple hanging.

Beachcomber with his boat, scampering dog, hailing the fleet of sailboats on a summer day.

 SPARKLING, LUMINESCING, PHOSPHORESCING WATERS, ARTERIES OF LIFE is a large wall hanging of beautiful hand-dyed wool yarn embellishing the surface with interesting felted wool textures. Most of Karen's wall hangings are designed to be hung loosely against a wall. Even the very large wall hangings are lightweight and can be easily rolled up for transport and simply unrolled to suspend against a wall, or, in some cases, used as a room divider since the reverse side of a hanging is usually quite neat and can be designed with that function in mind. Perhaps, a two-sided piece.




DOE WITH FAWN: This lovely wall hanging has been stretched and framed in wood which has been painted to match the soft green wool used to suggest the woods environment. With a simplicity of design and composition, a peaceful scene has been created. Where Karen lives, 5 deer usually show up in the winter orchard. In the summer, the fawns are seen.



ENTANGLED, ENDANGERED LOON: 96" X 44" X 1/4".  The loon in this very large felted wool wall hanging depicts the sad situation common to some wildlife that become entangled in whatever is floating in waters that can cause their death.  Here, cast off monofilament which fishermen use on their spining rods, has caught around the loon's bill and has knotted around a webbed foot. In the sea, sometimes, whales can become entangled in rope that has come loose and is floating in the ocean dragging along buoys and moorings which may catch onto whale fins where the ropes cut into the flesh and cause wounds that become infected and lead to the death of the whales so encumbered. When their movement is curtailed and they cannot dive deep, whales can die unless rescued by brave souls who stand by to help the endangered species.  As a Regostered Maine Guide, Karen is aware of accidental damage to our wildlife which she feels needs more protection from harm. 

       ENTANGLED WHALE is also a very large felted wool wall hanging, available to be seen in our Gallery.


LUNA MOTH: This felted wool wall hanging depicts one of the most beautiful species of large moth of the exquisite pale green color that Karen has captured in her choice of wool with detailing to suggest the moth is flying at night, chasing a scent of pheromones. The hanging may be suspended via the sleeve on the reverse side. A much admired piece.

TWO SEALS SWIMMING is a large piece where wool and silk have been masterfully worked to depict swimming seals in the rolling ocean waves. Knowing how to blend silk with wool is one of the refined techniques a professional felter must master in order to achieve sturdy felt with a surface that will stand up to the test of time. This piece is simply magical. The silk lends a subtle shimmering effect to evoke ocean waves. The felt could be stretched and framed but at present it shall hang hang loosely, which shows off the handmade beauty.













If you can travel all the way to our easternmost sea coast town in the continental USA, come visit our gallery in Lubec, Maine to see more of Karen's exquisite felted wool works, including the luxurious wool and silk scarves and wraps and shawls. We welcome you!

PAINTINGS, SHIBORI, NUNO,  FELTED WOOL WALL HANGINGS, WOOD CARVINGS, STONEWARE, & CARDS will be in the Gallery next to the historic Lubec Grange this season.                 

Shibori silk scarf/wrap/shawl, colorfast, hand-dyed by Karen Anne Baldauski, 35" x 84", hand-rolled hem, $375. USD. Please click on the menu "SCARVES" to find more Shibori and Nuno images.
ANOTHER SHOW! This stunning contemporary felted wool wall hanging by Karen Anne Baldauski: $7,800 USD, was selected by juror Paul Kratter for the Marin Society of Artists National Open Fine Arts Juried Exhibition, June 13 - July 6, 2019 in San Rafael, CA
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