Our 10 North Lubec Road real estate comprising both the gallery/store and the historic Lubec grange are FOR SALE. (see Note below)

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Many of our offerings are displayed on-line year round.

Our bricks and mortar business is open June-November. 

2020 will be our 8th season in Lubec...the easternmost town in the continental USA.

Feel free to call ahead for an appointment to see specific artworks

since the gallery hours vary from day to day.

We are happy to arrange an appointment to meet your schedule if necessary. Not all of our extensive offerings on hand

are displayed on-line...this is especially true for the handmade wool and silk scarves, stoles, & wraps, stoneware pottery, wood carvings, matted photographs, small paintings, and all of our unique ARTWORKS greeting cards.

Watch for our OPEN flags flying as you drive by when on impulse you may wish to visit!



Gallery/Store & Historic Lubec Grange

10 North Lubec Road, site address

Year round mailing address: 615 County Road

Lubec, Maine 04652





Our gallery/store with a new addtion at the rear once served as the Lubec Memorial Library.

The famous hand-made recycled lobster rope door mat designs made locally greet visitors to our seaonal site.

We have a great selection of contemporary paintings and fine crafts not available in any other store, gallery, or on-line venue. Our pricing reflects a philosophy that considers artwork to be a gift of an artist's soul which does not have to cost a fortune, but, rather, should be made available and affordable to appreciators who simply love the work. Our artists are nourished by many sales which reflect reasonable pricing. An artist should receive sales that reflect their time and costs spent in creating the works, including a bit of profit to encourage the artist to continue in his/her creative path. Come see for youself and COLLECT A TREASURE.

 Lubec Grange Flea Market is a popular event held on Fridays and Saturdays usually throughout the summer in the historic grange building next door to the gallery/store, 11AM- 2PM. There is easy parking and ramp access to both buildings (but not the upstairs ballroom in the grange).  Just 2 miles from downtown Lubec, our bright turquoise buildings cannot be missed...they are located just off Rte 189 across from  McFadden's GULF, the only gas station in town.

Note: Our real estate at 10 North Lubec Road, Lubec ME comprises 2 buildings: the gallery/store space with upstairs modern studio apartment  and the historic Lubec grange with its restored ballroom. Both buildings are FOR SALE as a unit.

Inquiries: 207-733-2468.


CONGRATULATIONS! (Karen is seen above at one of her favorite beaches.)

to our 2019 featured artist: Karen Anne Baldauski.

What an honor! Out of a field of 503 paintings submitted to the prestigious New England Watercolor Society 2019 juried regional exhibition, Karen's prize winning watercolor "Herring Gull Swooping Over Rugged Shore". was awarded 2nd prize. Karen was in Portsmouth, NH to received the award, June 1, 2019. The exhibition will remain at the historic Governor Langdon House from June 1-October 13, 2019 where 59 additional paintings selected by juror Antonio Masi, president of the American Watercolor Society, can be seen. Karen's winning painting is currently not for sale.

About Karen A.Baldauski:

Karen Anne Baldauski was born in Wyoming, Pennsylvania, grew up in rural Norwich, NY,

moved to Glen Ridge, NJ through high school, and gained her

Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from DePauw University. Her mother Louise was a dietician graduate of Penn State and her father was an organic chemist graduate of Penn State; both were in the USNavy, Link Trainer instructor and meteorologist, respectively, during WW2. Karen has 3 siblings.


Karen has worked all her life as an artist. In her liberal arts study, upon completion of a freehand drawing course

with live models, DePauw Professor and Head of the Art Department, A. Reid Winsey

said to Karen: "I don't know what you may have planned, but I advise you to be an artist." And that was that! Karen went on to develop as a graphic design professional and art director in New York City, then to England 1975, and decided to live in Maine 1978 where she started up her own successful solo design firm and retired from it in 2007 with the idea to move to the coast. Frugal by nature, Karen scrimped and saved and helped others throughout life and achieved the dream to purchase a Down East farm by the sea with acreage to grow organic vegetables, fruits, & flowers. She keeps honey bees and is always studying flora and fauna or whatever it is that will make for better understanding of the things she chooses to paint. The environment is a constant source of inspiring imagery while Karen pulls from a lifetime of stored experiences documented with thousands of photos she has taken with the idea that

one day they would be a rich source of reference. Anonymity as an artist has been on Karen's mind and she figures that will be her fate for the idea that it is better just to paint and create at this time in life when at last she can work on projects of her own choosing without having to get up with the sound of an alarm clock to earn her living as a designer tending to the needs of others in the commercial world.

Once Karen worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City very briefly as a part-time job out of curiosity for the behind the scenes experience she could was eye-opening and something she will never forget as a young artist just starting out on her path to develop her professional career.


Along the way Karen became a Registered Maine Guide and flew 44 hours solo in single engine planes

(forever pushing her limits and taking on challenges!). Now she is devoted to painting with a bold and expressive approach which applies also to other media she has mastered, such as fine art felted woolworks of substantial size. Sumi-e is a special interest and its fundamentals inform most of her work. Karen is not one to talk much about her agonies and ecstasies in the art world, but did comment: "Painting is just something I do, it comes naturally, and I love it." 

Her first painting competition was in college at the Indiana Intercollegiate Salon

of Art in Bloomington where she took first prize for "Hope", an oil painting.

Her first oil painting to be sold following college was at Bloomingdale's in New York City;

it is a large oil titled: "Fog People". Working with permanent dyes, her first largescale batiks were sold at America House in New York City as well as in the first show at the Peter's Valley Craftsmen in Layton, NJ. Her first entry into an international sumi-e exhibition in Toronto in 2011 won her the Founder's Award for her "Salmon Pool" in honor of the founder of the Sumi-e Society of America. Karen won the Juror's award for "Two Foxes" at the Wiscasset Art Gallery, a gallery she has loved since her first trip to Maine as a young girl when that gallery opened. Eventually Karen would live in Wiscasset beginnning 1978, just down the street from the gallery where she began to show work in Maine.

Karen's work may now be seen in the ARTWORKSOFMAINE Gallery/store in Lubec, Maine and in juried shows.




The Gallery is usually open Fridays & Saturdays, 2 PM - 5PM, June - November

and at various other times when the OPEN flag flies.

Feel free to call us if you have questions about any of the artworks

or would like to arrange an appointment to see specific works.



Gallery/store and Historic Lubec Grange

Gallery address: 10 North Lubec Road

Mailing address: 615 County Road

Lubec, Maine 04652





The ARTWORKSOFMAINE Gallery is easily reached from the main road heading into our seacoast town.

 Look for the cheerful sea-blue buildings at the intersection of Rte 189 and North Lubec Road.

We are just a few miles from the ocean, (as seen above at West Quoddy Head State Park. Grand Manan Island is on the horizon and Campobello Island, Canada, can be easily reached via the Franklin Delano Roosevelt International Bridge just two miles from the Gallery).


The drive from Portland, Maine is roughly 5 hours. 

Or, 125 miles from Bangor.

Or, 85 miles from Ellsworth.

Or, 45 miles south from Calais or St. Stephens, NB, Canada.

Or, 2 miles from Campobello Island, NB, Canada.

We have a short grass strip runway in Lubec and the airport in Eastport, 45 miles away, is also an option.


Watch for the red "Artworks Of Maine" road signs.

The Gallery is 8.8 miles from the Whiting, Maine US Rte 1 intersection with Rte 189 (known as County Road).





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