Breaking News! 

The Lubec Grange FLEA MARKET is OPEN for the first day of the season on Saturday, August 14, starting at NOON.

Upstairs in the Grange Ballroom, the public is welcome to observe ARDEA in a practice session. This group of musicians has perfromed at the Grange in the past to a full house!  They specialize in Baroque music played on thier fabulous recorders (incuding a SIX-footer) and viola da gambas.  Rare opportunity to watch the group in a practice session.  Chairs are set up for your comfort!

EDGE OF THE SEA by Karen Anne Baldauski, 22x30, acrylic on acid-free watercolor paper. Go to PAINTINGS to see WINTER FOX which was juried into the 2021 New England Watercolor Society (NEWS) Biennial.  WINTER FOX is for sale and may be purchased through NEWS.

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