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Shibori Silk Scarves &


Nuno Felted Wool Scarves...

Artworks to wear!

These exquisite, "light as air" scarves are all created in Lubec in the artist's studio by the sea. Prices start at $35-$45 for our small scarves (8"-10"x54"), $50-$60 (14"x72"), $90 (35"x84"), $140-$380 (54x105). Our Shibori and Nuno scarves are available in the gallery May-October. Purchases of available scarves seen on this website or ones that are similar can also be made throughout the year by credit card...just call us: 207-733-2468.

"Sea Roses" is an example of a stunning NUNO shawl. It is handmade using floaty silk and luxurious, hand-dyed wool by artist Karen Anne Baldauski. It is shown here drying in the wind, ready to be hemmed.


This lavender Shibori shawl (or scarf) measures 35" x 84" and is light as air! It can be worn in so many different ways!

This exquisite lavender shawl is representative of SHIBORI hand-dyed silk. "SHIBORI" is a Japanese word which can mean "to wring, squeeze, or press".The term is used to describe the hand-dyed fabrics themselves or the intriguing techniques used to decorate fabrics which become one-of-a-kind creations using permanent dyes. In the hands of skilled artists, Shibori techniques can achieve patterning, design and color nuances which cannot be achieved by any other process. In our galleryshop we offer Shibori scarves made of pure silk and others made of 100% cotton. At times, we will have women's clothing made from Shibori cloth and cheerful Shibori t-shirts for children.



BELOW, please see a selection of Shibori scarves that will be available on May 22 when the gallery opens for the season.  

This Shibori scarf measures 35x84. It is pure silk, hand dyed, with a hand-rolled hem. Notice the beautiful, unique patterning and nuances of color to create an exciting and dramatic effect, totally unique!.

We also offer NUNO felted wool and silk scarves!

"NUNO" is a Japanese word which means "fabric".  Contemporary fiber artists have coined this term to describe the fabric made or the technique used to create lightweight and very delicate looking fabrics used for dramatic effect, especially nice for accessories such as scarves and wraps. Skilled artists can make nuno scarves that are as sheer as cobweb or thicker, depending on the enduse. Karen has made fabulous wraps that are popular for travelers to take on cruises. Her designs are not only extraordiarily beautiful but also carefree as they resist wrinkling and can be simply handwashed when necessary. Most of the scarves do not need the optional steam ironing.


The scarves illustrated below are NUNO scarves.  Most of them have been sold. They are primarily used for winter wear as the wool and silk make for lightweight insulation to beautify outfits and keep necks warm!

Some styles are perfect for cruise and evening wear. Feel free to contact us to see if a certain scarf is available, or, just drop by the gallery when it is open (OPEN flag will be flying!).

The Gallery reopens May-October 2019.  Come see the scarves! Or, call us to find out if a certain scarf or one like it is available. 207-733-8941. The artist makes new scarves throughout the year. 

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